The second bite

Nick sums up the World Cup's biggest moments in a series of simple posters View it here


Awards season has treated us well and we were chuffed to bits with our 3 wins at The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards.
Cannes, it pulls you in

Cannes, it pulls you in

Sian cuts to the core of Cannes Heath in our latest blog View it here
D&AD slice

A slice of D&AD

Small but yet so BIG! We were proud to win a slice for our work, making us the first healthcare advertising agency to be honoured by D&AD.

One BIG nomination

Our guerrilla marketing efforts for The Passage were nominated for a Campaign BIG award, making us the first healthcare agency to be recognised by the advertising industry’s go-to magazine.

Tony Kaye

Within the realms of advertising there are success stories, there are big names, and there is industry royalty. The latter term applies to the legendary Tony Kaye, who gave a D&AD lecture that we attended. Read more

Generate your way to bad ad utopia

Ever watched or seen an advertisement and thought "I could do better"? Prove it with our Bad Ad Generator! All the advertising cliches you could ever wish for - and more - in one place.
Try it here


War. What is it good for? Nick found out when he visited the Imperial War Museum for a harrowing but captivating afternoon. Read more

Spellbinding Storytelling

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words ... but what's actually wrong with a thousand words? Examine the humble art of storytelling, without absolutely no shameless plugs whatsoever. Read more
Creative Circle awards at the Roundhouse

A first Creative Circle award for healthcare's PLBR

Publicis Life Brands Resolute has become the first creative healthcare agency to win a Creative Circle award in 68 years... Read more
Number 10 Downing Street

A cup of tea with SamCam for Shaheed

Shaheed Peera, Creative Director at Publicis Life Bands Resolute in London, was invited to tea by the country’s first lady, Samantha Cameron. Read more

PLBR gallery

This month's gallery is filled with the work of cartoonist Mac. Read more
Publicis Life Brands Resolute is the first in a new generation of brand communications agencies that fuse advertising, medical education and public relations in a truly integrated way. What brings us together is a mutual desire to do the very best for our clients, to get under the skin of your challenges, and offer new ideas and thinking that deliver change where it matters most. Many brains make for better thinking, and the shared perspectives of our leadership teams address strategic challenges holistically to create the right solutions for you.
Then, our award-winning specialists make it happen, putting great ideas into practice. Based in London, we are part of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, the largest healthcare communications network in the world. With unparalleled global reach, we are privileged to work with a diverse range of clients, across all continents. Efficient, effective, inspired.
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